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London Marathon Club Place 

Congratulations to Lauren Crossland who was successful applicant for the 2024 London Marathon club place.



Retford are allocated 1 club place each year.  The club has a criteria set in place to be eligible for the place.

  1. You must be a first claim Retford AC member, and have paid for two consecutive years membership.

  2. You must have entered the ballot for the TCS LM as a member of Retford AC and evidenced this by sending a copy of your rejection email to the Club Secretary.

  3. Places are guaranteed, but must be paid for by the member.

  4. You must run the event in club kit (unless raising money for a specific charity and wearing their kit)

  5. You must not of been awarded the club place in the last 2 years, or have been eligible for a ‘Good for Age’ place in the year you are applying for

  6. You must have actively supported the club in the last year by marshalling/volunteering at a club event or be an active member of the committee.

  7. You must have competed for the club in at least 3 events in the last year (GP events, cross country, summer league).

  8. All applications must be made to the club secretary by the advertised date, with any requested information.

  9. Please provide the committee with any other relevant information you feel is relevant

Please send applications to

Look out for posts on the Facebook page and WhatsApp group  for when our application process is open.

Past representatives

2023 - Katie Whelan

2022 - Becky Chadwick


2020 - Simon Foster

2019 - Louise Richardson 

2018 - Karen Wilkinson 


2016  - Erika Tasker

2015 - Ben Harris 

2014 - Lee Ellis

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