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Chris Ryan Memorial Canal Relay 

The Chris Ryan Memorial Canal Relay race is an annual race contested by the members of Retford AC and Worksop Harriers along the Chesterfield Canal between Worksop and Retford which is run along the canal towpath. 

Chris Ryan orginally ran for Worksop Harriers then Joined Retford in the 80's and remained with our club. Chris came up with the idea of the canal relay to pit both teams against each other. He had a great head for figures and an incredible memory for race times and statistics. He designed the relay to make it as fair as possible for both teams and as exciting to watch as well as be a part of.

Both teams have 5 pairs of runners, with atleast 1 pair being an all female pair, who race from checkpoint to checkpoint. All pairs but one will race 2 legs with a longer 'recovery' section in the middle making sure to pass through a certain compulsory checkpoint. The other pair have the turnaround leg which is a longer section meaning they don't run any other legs. 

Both clubs take their turn to host this event and it is a much loved and well liked fixture in our racing calender. Spectators of the event are excited to get to each checkpoint to see if the lead has changed or if the gap between the teams has shrunk or grown. Afterwards we take great delight in socialising with Worksop Harriers and their supporters and relive the action, present the trophy to the winning team and remember Chris Ryan himself. 


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Chris Ryan                                              The Cup

Checkpoints along the canal when hosted from Retford

The 2023 edition of the canal relay race was a closely contested race with the lead swapping a few times in the early stages. for the first time it was decided that Retford would run 2 all female legs and and 3 all male legs. Retford emerged victorious for the 2nd year running.

Past Winners

2024 - Pending..........

2023 - Retford AC

2022 - Retford AC

2021 - Worksop Harriers

2020 - Covid

2019 - Worksop Harriers

2018 - Worksop Harriers

2017 - Retford AC

2016 - Worksop Harriers

2015 - Retford AC

2014 - Worksop Harriers

2013 - Retford AC

2012 - Retford AC

2011 - Worksop Harriers

2010 - Retford AC

2009 - Retford AC

2008 - Retford AC

2007 - Retford AC

2006 - Worksop Harriers

2005 - Worksop Harriers

2004 - Retford AC

2003 - Worksop Harriers

2002 - Worksop Harriers 

2001 - Retford AC

2000 - Worksop Harriers

Retford AC have won the trophy 12 times.

Worksop Harriers have won the trophy 11 times.

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