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  Club Standards


Here you will find the standards for a variety of disciplines for both men and women

The club standards are calculated by applying a percentage to the World Masters Athletics age standards. These scales compare times with a basket of the top world times produced by a number of elite athletes in each 5 year age-group.

The club standards  were originally created in 1983 when the club was inaugurated. They were updated in 2015 by past Chairman, Derek Marsh. So to achieve a standard, a runner must be able to run x% as fast as the time in the WMA standards. The bronze standard should be within the reach of all moderately-capable club runners who train consistently. To achieve the gold standard, the runner should be able to compete with the top runners from other clubs in age-graded competitions. The silver standard should be set at a level between these two. 

If you achieve one of these standards then its your own responsibility to inform the club and provide the information so we can confirm it has been achieved.

Mens Standards

Womens Standards

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