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how to join

Thank you for considering Retford Athletic Club. We are a member’s only club and anybody who takes part in club activities must be a member. All members pay an annual membership fee which covers all costs associated with running the club. Junior members must also pay an annual affiliation fee to UK Athletics which is our sport's governing body and senior members are strongly encouraged to do so.  This enables you to take part in all UKA registered races which you will also receive a small discounted entry for. Members are expected to wear club colours when competing, so the purchase of a club tee shirt is an essential pre-requisite.

What you need to do

  1. If you are a senior athlete you should email our membership secretary, Lisa Foster, or complete the new online membership form below.

  2. If you are a junior or parent of a junior you can contact our junior secretary, Bobbie Taylor who will advise you on how to join or on waiting list arrangements. 

  3. Junior Selection Criteria – We expect all new members to have a basic level of fitness and when you first come to us we will give you a short assessment based on running, throwing and  jumping. This helps us to work out which training group is best and to decide if our club is right for you.    

  4. If you are still interested you can join one of our training groups for up to 3 trial sessions as a guest.

  5. And if you are still interested we will ask you to join by completing either the junior or senior membership application form – see below.

  6. Our membership year runs from 1st October to 30th September, so the amount you pay in your first year will depend on the time of year you join. After that we will ask for your annual membership fee on or around 1st October each year.

  7. Once you become a member we expect you to attend at least 1 training session per week and to compete for us in inter club competitions if selected.

Senior memberships  can now all be completed via our new online forms.  Click the below button and follow the instructions.

Senior Membership

Full Membership £45

Over 60's Membership £22.50

2nd Claim Membership £22.50

UKA Membership 

 Being a registered UKA member will get you £2 off most UKA affiliated race and free entry to the Notts AAA summer league race series. This cost is £18


Junior Membership

Full Membership £100

Half Year £50

Under 9's Membership £50

UKA Membership 11years + £18



We need your help

Our club is run entirely by volunteers and we always need more. We can never have enough coaches, officials and people helping to run the club in all sorts of ways. In short – We need your help! Whatever your interests, whatever your skills, whatever time you can give, we need it. Even if you have never put on a pair of trainers you could be a valued athletics volunteer!


Athletics provides opportunities for everyone to get involved. Whether you can offer your services for a couple of nights a week or a couple of hours a month, you can make a real difference! There are opportunities for everyone ranging from making the tea, to measuring the long jump, to making sure the equipment is clean and fit for purpose, to Chairperson. Volunteering is vital to keep our club running smoothly and to help us grow. 


If you’re thinking about volunteering take a look at the England Athletics Volunteering Guide: Getting Started as an Athletics Volunteer


And if you are still interested have a word with our Chairman or our Junior Secretary who will happily give you lots more information about how you can help our club.

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