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The club was formed in 1983 and recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. Chris Ryan was a long serving and well liked member of the club who compiled 25 years of history into a book he put together called 'The Chronogram'. He put together  all results from 1986 to 2010 into a book for everyone to read about. in the proceeding years this work didn't continue to be documented as before but from 2024 the club will start to do this again. 

Chris compiled the current club records list and the Grand Prix ALL Time Ladder (ATL) for 10k, 10mile and half marathon distances through 25 years of grand prix results recording. These lists contain lots of lesser known runners that have represented the club over many year but also mention lots of runners that are still involved with the club to this day. In 2024s edition of the clubs Grand Prix, a series of 9 nomintaed races in which runners compete in to accumulate points,we will be starting to add any results which would place them into the tables, thus adding their names to Retford Athletic Clubs history for years to come.

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