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Peter Gilberts Christmas Adventures

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

For the last few years, Peter Gilbert has organised a couple of social events in December. These social events always attract a good number of club members keen to take part.

Clumber Park Night Social Run

The first event was the annual clumber night run followed by a drink afterwards. Most people have visited clumber park in the day time but not many have been and exporled the extensive grounds in the dark of night. On a cold Wednesday evening in early december over 16 club members joined Peter in the 'tour de Clumber'. All members set off together and made there way from the Clumber Hotel to the ornamental bridge for some photo opportunities. From here there was a shorter steadier route option or a slightly longer faster one with the idea the 2 groups meet back up that Clumber Hotel at a similiar time. Once all were back together the group made there way inside for a well earned drink and to get warm. This is becoming a real favourite event on the social calender and long may it continue.

Canal Run To West Stockwith

Each year Peter comes up with a longer distance run challenge that usually ends at a pub to enjoy a tipple or 2 you see a theme here? This year it was suggested a saturday morning meeting in the local whetherspoons in Retford, head to the chesterfield canal and run all the way up to West Stockwith finishing at the Waterfront Inn pub.

It was a damp day but that didnt put off the hardy runners who set off on their 16 mile journey up the sometimes boggy canal towpath. Other members joined at various points along the on route, some using their cars as a mini aid stations to keep the runners fueled up which was appriciated by all. The miles soon ticked over and before long the group made it to the end of the canal where it meets the river trent in West Stockwith and everyone went inside the pub to enjoy the warm and dry and to rehydrate with a drink or 2 before making their way back home for a well earned rest.

Despite the weather, everyone throughly enjoyed themselves.

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