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George’s Movember Challenge

The challenge was to run 60KMs every Saturday in November (4 in total) and raise as much money as possible for Movember. The money raised goes towards funding game-changing mental health initiatives, like the Movember Conversations program, designed to prepare a person on how and when to reach out to a friend who is struggling with their mental health. This leads to why 60KM each time? Globally, an average of 60 men are lost to suicide an hour. That figure is astounding and must change. My view on running is that it brings different people together through common interest, all whilst improving mental and physical health. I wanted this to be a part of the challenge. 

I knew this would be a tough, so I didn’t want to do it alone. When it came to the routes, they needed to be accessible for people to join throughout the morning. Obviously 5am starts aren’t for everyone, however on all four runs, I had company at that time. I’m so grateful for that!

Here are some of the stats from the challenge. Total distance run: 240KM (149 miles). Total running time: 24 hours, 51 minutes and 28 seconds. Money raised: £805!!!

I would honestly urge anyone considering running their own challenge to know that you would have the full backing of the RAC members - I couldn’t have done it without you!

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