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London Marathon

(as agreed at the committee mtg. 6th. Dec. 2017)
this will come into being for the 2018 LM

1. To qualify for a club place, applicants should have been an active (racing, committee, volunteer) club member for 5 years.

2. Applicants for the LMP club place should have applied for their own place in the current year and have been turned down.

3. Applicants should not have had a club place in the past 5 years.

4. All applicants who qualify will be entered in a draw on an agreed date.

5. If there are no applicants who initially qualify, the club place will be given to a newer active member  (longer membership gives priority)
    or, failing that, a member who has had a club place previously (more years ago gives priority). In both cases a failed personal application in the
    current year will give initial priority. In the unlikely event of there being more than one qualified candidate in these circumstances, a draw will
    be held as above (4).