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Group 2

SENIOR TRAINING - Group 2:  Typical Miling - 7.30 - 8.30 Minute

Date   Start time    Start Point    
Mondays   6.30   Oaklands    
Thursdays   6.30   Oaklands    

Example training runs

Day. Monday (Example)Day Thursday. (Example)

Training. Hill work Retford 3 Peaks.
From club out to Tiln lane, onto the canal and down towards the Gate Pub off here into Clarborough. Then do the 3 peaks in turn. After back to the club. (Miles between. 7 and 9)

Training. Fartleck work, from the club turn left to the round about, into Ordsall and out to Eaton. Back round past the school at Eaton and down past the Whitehouses pub.
From here back down to the traffic lights and back to the club. (Miles between. 7 and 8 Miles)

 Day Monday. (Example)

 Day Thursday. (Example)

Training. Steady Run, From the club towards the fisheries, turn down onto the river bank and head towards Sutton. Off at Wetlands then right towards Hayton and onto the canal back into Retford. Off the canal at Hop Pole and back to club. (Miles between. 8 and 9)

Training. Time trial, two laps of the Hallcroft course. (Miles. 5 mile time trial. 1 mile warm up).